story of sophia

story of sophia

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Sophia, by Rudoph Steiner. Born ageless, formless, selfless, in the womb of the One — whom some call Gitchi Manitou, and some call Illuvitar — she knew what . So as Yaldaboeth called his newly born Archons to him — manifested powers of the elements of Sophia's primordial placenta — to boast of the great glory of the . In Gnosticism, the Gospel story of Jesus is itself allegorical: it is the Outer Mystery, used as an introduction to Gnosis, rather than it being literally true in a historical . The World's Soul is a Woman – The Gnostic Myth of Sophia. passed along in the form of a myth, a story that communicates the “secret knowledge” that can only . The Story of Sophia. Written by Rosamonde lkshvàku Miller. Copyright 2004 by Rosamonde Miller.


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